Thursday, 15 December 2016

La-La Land Crafts - Easle Card Countdown Calendar

Hi Everyone I am here with a Tutorial for
an Easle Card Countdown Calender for
 Here it is open.

 It closed and folded up.

 This is the front base cut it 51/2" x 111/2"
then score at 23/4", 3", 81/2" and 8/3/4
 This is the Easle cut 12" x 5" then score at 
23/4, 51/2 and 61/2
 So then decorate the front base. I have used 


 These tags you can have them countdown for Christmas
and store them in the box or you could just have one
and pop some Chocolates in the box.
 Now for the box this is the bottom I have cut it at
61/2" x 41/4 then scored 1" all the way around.
See in the picture where I have placed the cuts 
then folded and taped to create a box.
 This is the lid of the box. I have cut it at 61/8 x41/4 then
scored 3/4" all the way around. Place the cuts and tape into
a box the same as the base.

You can then decorate the easle base and tape the box
into position as in the photo.

 This the back view and you can see where the easle base attaches 
to the front base.
 When folded the flaps of the front base end up on top
to form the decorative box.

 I then created a belly band 1" wide it depends on how 
highly embellished your card to how long it is.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing 

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Happy Crafting Everyone



  1. I loved this.. I havent made cards in like forever.. But seeing this one i really wants to try... :D :D

  2. Oh my goodness, this is soooooo pretty! :) xx

  3. Great tutorial, lovely design, nice work xo Julie P


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