Thursday, 23 March 2017

La-La Land Crafts - Mini Box Card Tutorial

Hi I am here with a Mini Box Card tutorial for
These great cards will fit all your Mini Marci
size stamps.

So first I cut a template 11 and a quarter by 4 and a quarter inches.
Score a long the centre at 1 3/4 Inches. Then on the long side score
at 3 1/2, 5 1/2, 9 and 11. Cut down the score lines on the top only
to the 1 3/4 inch line. Cut out the 1/4 inch section on the top.

Cut 3 insets 4 x 1 inches and score each end  1/8 of an inch.

Here is my main card cut out.

Cut 3 insets 4 x 1 inches and score each end  2/8 of an inch.

These are my layers for the bottom of the box.
Cut 1 of 3 5/16 x 2 5/16
Cut 2 of  2 5/16 x 1 13/16

Cut 1 of 3 3/16 x 2 3/16
Cut 2 of 2 3/16 x 1 11/16

These are the layers for the top of the box.
Cut 2 of 3 5/16 x 1 9/16
1 13/16 x 1 9/16

Cut 2 1 11/16 x 1 7/16
Cut 2 3 3/16 x 1 7/16

Here they are layered.

Now to pop the inserts in you tape them to the small end
 equal distance apart this will be the inside of your card.

Then join your box then arange your inserts as in the picture
 make sure they are flush with the top of the box.

Then decorate. I have used 
Stamp Set

Also on the back of the Card I stuck a piece of white 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 cardstock.
So I could write on or stamp a sentiment. Dont forget it does fold down flat
and fits in a regular size envelope.

This is another one I did with the same box design.

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Happy Crafting Everyone



  1. those are stunning!
    love them!

  2. Who needs a die, when you're this clever!!! They are both stunning and adorable!

  3. Pure gorgeousness......... and a brilliant tutorial... thank you!

    Christine x


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