Sunday, 18 October 2020

La- La Landcrafts - Mini Tutorial on Enlongating Die Cuts

 How to Enlongate a Die Cut

First you cut you card stock longer that required.
Then you place your die to one end of the cardstock and in your die
 cutting machine. Go to die cut as per normal but pull the top plate 
back from the end of the die as you dont want to cut the end off.

So you have now cut it like this.

You then match up the scallops with the die and move the die along until
you are going to cut the amount of scallops you want and tape it with
 washi to hold it.

Then place your top plate to where you want to cut like before as it will only
cut as far as your top plate is along.

I have made this one 28 scallops long for the Slim Line Card.

This is how you elongate.

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