Monday 21 October 2013

Jennifers Easle Card Tutorial

 Well here it is Girls I know Fenella has waited a
while for this Tutorial.
I just hope it is easy to follow any problems
 just send me an E-mail.
 Well here goes!

First I cut 3 Different Ovals from spellbinders you
can use any design. I used one Designer Paper,
One with an Image Stamped and Coloured and one in Basil.

 Then layer them using dimensionals on each layer.


Then cut this out by folding Basil in half
and cutting as in the diagram below with the folded
 edge running down where it isn't going to be cut off.
 Then fold it in half again on one side only.

These are the pieces for the Base of the Card

I have then just layered the 3 pieces.
Notice I have the purple layer on the bottom then
white then the designer paper on top
 This is the Front of the Card. So just cut out the
same size 3 pieces you used for the base but
don't put them together yet

To do the Butterflies I cut a Designer and a matching Cardstock
in these Petty Dies

I then cut a single matching butterfly and Fran-taged them

I then glued the Designer paper on to the Basil,
But I only glued half there wings down and I cut
the larger butterfly off. I also Glued the center of the
 the single butterfly and stuck it onto the
largest butterfly left on the strip

See the Butterflies joined and Wing only half glued down!

I then layered the front of the card the same as
 the base, making
 sure I glued the Butterflies inbetween the layers
even the one I cut off  just so I could work it around the card!
I then put lace and a Doily on it
see below on how I layered the Lace

These are the 3 Layers of Lace, Ribbon and Pearl chain I used.
I either Glue them on or just use double sided tape.

Then add The layered Image!

These are the flowers and Flourishs
that I arranged around the card
I then cut out these die shapes and layered them all up

To get This !
It is s a Sweet Stamp from LOTV

I have layered the Lace on the card and then the sentiment and
added a couple of the smaller butterflies in the same way I
 did the larger ones.The Butterflies came off the same die!
The top bit  where the tape is
Is where the Front of your card goes on .
Make sure it is Straight
and I also poped a Rose on the large Butterfly

Isin't she Gorgeous!. I have added my
2 bunches of flowers and pearls on the Butterflies!
I also went around each piece in Purple Ink.

Hope you have enjoyed this Tutorial.


  1. Oh wow, there is just so much of eye candy here. Thanks for giving us a sneak peek into how that awesome creative mind of yours tick.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Wow!!!... This easel card is Amazing!!! ^_^
    Thanks for the tutorial!!!
    Big, big hugs!
    Vale ;) (Bolilla)

  3. Wow Jenny another stunning card! What a great and easy to follow tutorial too!

    Gina x

  4. This is a fabulous tutorial Jennifer and it has resulted in a stunning card.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  5. Hi Jennifer, wow this is stunning hun. I love the colour and everything about it is just fabulous.
    Awesome colouring and design. Beautiful lace too. Got to do one of these beauties lol!!
    Hugs Sue W.

  6. Oh WOW Jennifer!!!! YOur card is magical and I love your tutorial!!!! VEry well explained and the pictures are perfect! Hugs, Brigitte

  7. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Such talent! You make it look easy, but I know it's not fantastic tutorial.

  8. Fantastic card!! and thank you for amazing tutorial.

  9. Amazing card and amazing tutorial ty so much x

  10. Fantastic Jen! You rock girl!

  11. Thanks for the tutorial jenny love how you do these cards sue xxxxx

  12. Excellent tutorial Jen, nice work
    Hugs Julie P

  13. Jen you have out done yourself on this. Truely amazing tutorial. All \i need now is the colours used to colour Matilda in and I'm set. HaHa Would you like to do it for me. LOL

  14. Great tutorial Jenny, thanks for sharing:-) Hugs Denise

  15. Stunning!!!!!!!!! Thank you for a brilliant tutorial too.

    Linda xxxx

  16. Thanks Jennifer for this tutorial! I love your cards.

  17. Thanks for the tutorial, it is really appreciated


I love reading all your lovely comments and
Especially love visiting you back!
Hugs Jennifer

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