Thursday, 16 February 2012

Magnolia Tilda With Cozy Heart

This Beautiful card was made by my spare 17 year old son from around the corner
for his lovely Girlfriend for Valentines Day .
 He spent all morning working on the card he even made
( The dreaded rose)
 that takes so long to make and just never sits right,
 but together we got it perfected. Only took 45minutes not the whole afternoon
 we anticipated on.  We forgot to get a photo.
This is the very poor original a little worse for wear.

 Comments are always greatly appreciated so please leave one.
Hope You All Had A Lovely Valentines Day.


  1. Wow, what an amazing boy. I hope he keeps up with his creative pursuits and that his girlfriend appreciated how much work he did and how talented he is!

  2. Wow she is a lucky young lady to have him make these special items for her. They look fantastic well done to your spare son .Dofre

  3. What a top job and great patience. Love the colours.


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