Thursday 21 August 2014

Parcel Card Tutorial

Hi Everyone its Jennifer here and I am going
 to show you how to do a

Cut your Base 28cm x 18.5cm
Score across at 9cm, 18cm, 22.5cm and 27cm
On the 9cm score line measure 12cm across cut 2.5cm either side
 of the score and the same at 16.2cm

This is my base I did in red. See the cuts I did. Score
from one cut to the next on each end of them. 
It then makes a valley to hold your present.
Ooops just realised this picture is upside down.

Now to make the layers, I make two this is the first. I make one
for the front and back so you have to make one going each way.
Cut 8.5cm x 18cm 2 off.
Measure 1.9cm and cut down 2.5cm measure 6.5cm and cut down 2.5cm
Then cut that bit out as shown cut the second one the same but with 
the measurements on the other end.

My first layer is green.

This is the second layer.
Cut 8cm x 17.5cm 2 off.
Measure 1.5cm and cut down 2.5cm then measure 6.6cm and
measure down 2.5cm and cut the piece out as in the picture.
Do another one the same with the measurements on the opposite end.

I used a printed paper for my second layer.

I then layered the 2 fronts and 2 backs together.

I then Layered them on the base.

I then ran doublesided tape down the 1cm tab on the base and joined it.
See the Valley where the present is going! 

OK we are now making the parcel.
Cut 12cm x 17cm.
Then score down at 4cm and 8cm
Score across at 4cm, 8cm, 12cm and 16cm.
I then cut the parcel out around the solid lines see where I have left 1cm tabs. 

So it now looks like this

I have layered my Parcel with 2 layers. 
First layer I cut 3.5cm x3.5cm 6 off them (the red ones)
Second layer 3cm x 3cm 6 off them (patterend paper)

I then Layered them.

 Then layered them on the parcel.

I then used doublesided tape to stick it together.
You can leave the top of the box untaped and you
 can pop things in like Chocolates!
This is how it sits.

Now you can  go and decorate them. I have used all
these fantastic Dies and Stamps from
La -La Land Crafts
and you can get more fantastic Tutorials at
La-La Land Crafts Blog

Here's an Example.

and another.
They are so much Fun! Cann't wait to see
what you all do!


  1. Great and perfect tuto: I like sooooooooo much this project!
    I'll try to make it... soon or later!
    Pin it!
    A big big big hug Jenny :-)
    xoxoxo Lalla... but always Eulalia

  2. Thank you Jenny for such a clear tutorial. I have added it to my list of things to do.
    Gina x

  3. What a great card idea! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Thanks Jen, this is definitely on my to do list, great idea. Have a wonderful weekend
    Hugs Julie P


I love reading all your lovely comments and
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Hugs Jennifer

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