Thursday, 15 March 2012

Easle Box Card Tutorial

This is glued together as in the second
 picture of the red boxes at the bottom.
You need 4 of these.
This is glued together to make the draw in
 the first picture on the bottom in red.
You need 4 of these.
This is how you lay them out on the Bottom card
 and then glue them on. Then you glue on the top card.
These are what your matchboxes should look like.
 You do need 4 draws and 4 matchbox covers. 
I then make an Easle card to fit.
15x30cm Base
15x15cm Front.

I also put a panel in the boxes 7.8x5.6 cm and stamp it .
I cover the outsides of the matchboxes  2.2x7.7 cm the next layer is 1.8x7.3cm
I cover the fronts of the draws 2.2x5.4cm the next layer is 1.8x5cm
I hope you have fun doing these they are very rewarding!
In a previos post you will see I have used one matchbox only to make a tiny Easle Box Card
Yippee First Tutorial done !
Would love to here your comments on this!


  1. What a great tutorial.. I will have to make one:)

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I am going to try and make it later today.

  3. Keep up your great work I am hooked. Thanks elizabeth


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